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Here's what some of my clients have to say about our successes together.
Testimonials: Testimonials
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Sarah Doll
Marketing Consultant

I started working with Jonny towards the end of my 2021 race season when I suffered from pain in my hip. From my very first appointment, I was impressed with the way he approached the problem by examining the entire movement apparatus to treat the actual source of the pain rather than the symptoms. He's a true expert in his field but has the ability to explain things clearly to his patients and devise an effective treatment through personalised exercises. Working with Jonny is truly empowering!

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Nick Gautier
Machine Learning Engineer

Through a thorough and individualized program Jonny got me running again. He guided me through dozens of fine tuned exercise targeted at my particular issue. No fancy talk or BS, just serious hard work backed up by experience and uplifting encouragement.


Gerd Leutner

Jonny analysed my bad posture and the resulting tensions with a professional's eye and developed a training programme for me that successfully eliminated them and was also fun. It's always great how well he adapts to my situation and updates the programme accordingly.

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Jonny is a fantastic strength coach and above all a great person. From first working with him at Melbourne Victory for the 2018/2019 season where he went above and beyond to help out individuals and his willingness to learn more for his craft was an obvious trait of his. Jonny helped me during the off season later in 2019. He offered me a full program, support and guidance constantly which helped me go into pre season 2019/2020 in the best shape I’ve ever been. I’m glad to have Jonny’s knowledge and above all have him as a friend.

Ella Mastrantonio
Professional Football Player / Australian National Team

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Idan Shamir
Senior Analytics Engineer

Jonny helped me so much - first by mapping out and understanding my entire body, then creating the perfect environment for me to attack my knee problems! He is keen to collaborate, discuss progress and iterate which is priceless (rather than give you exercises and send you home to handle those alone). After 5 years of going in circles with knee problems, I found a new training routine and gained confidence again thanks to him!


Tobias Jarmuzek
Software Engineer / American Football Player

Jonny helps you understand your body and movement much better and how to successfully get rid of any problems thanks to an individual training programme and also provides long-term relief.

He takes a lot of time for you and offers very professional support.

Luis Cruz
Software Engineer

I met Jonny when I was preparing for a marathon in 2022. During my training process I got injured with what seemed to be medial tibial stress syndrome on my right leg. This injury was not allowing to prepare for the event.

Jonny did a really good job understanding the problem I was facing and he was able to setup a plan of action so I can get back into training.

I found his approach very effective as it does not only include rehab for pain, but also a series of sessions to try mitigating the root cause of the injury. Apart from that he also helped me rearranging my training schedule weekly based on my progress.

With Jonny's help I was able to train again mostly pain free and eventually completing my first marathon!

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After suffering from constant knee pain for almost 2 years, I started working with Jonny in the hope of getting back to running and moving pain free.

After analysing my body and movement, focusing on the knee issue I had, Jonny educated me on what course of action was needed to get my body back to functioning at 100%.

He was very professional and committed in getting me back to my goal of running and moving again with no pain. The progress we made happened much faster than I expected.

I went from suffering pain while running short distances (3-4km), or not being able to run at all for almost 2 years, to ultimately running the Berlin Marathon pain-free.

That was something I definitely did not think was possible even 2 months ago. I definitely should have reached out and got his help earlier.

Earl Quinlan
Full Stack Developer

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