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Get to know me!

I'm Jonny Stahl - a German-Australian Strength & Rehab Coach who specializes in improving the movement quality and performance of high-achieving Business Executives and Founders.

With over 10 years of experience as a coach, ranging from elite football (with International Football Players) to the private sector, I have helped hundreds of individuals become pain-free and to realise their potential.

I have learned from some of the best coaches and practitioners around the world and have developed my own 4-step system to guide people to move, feel and perform BEST.

Most of my clients come to me much later than they should and suffer from pain and discomfort which limits their ability to perform to their best, both in business and during exercise.

Why suffer any longer and waste your potential?

My Other Passions

I like to complement my passion of human movement and helping people with travelling and taste-testing the best coffee and beer around the world.

Exploring less-known corners of the world and experiencing different cultures is something that truly fulfils me, so I try to take as many opportunities as possible to explore new countries, cities and regions.

In terms of my own sporting background, all I wanted to do growing up was to become a professional football player. As soon as I realised that I had missed the opportunity, I began to explore movement, strength training and running more deeply, exploring numerous different training styles and modalities.

Currently my focus is on preparing for marathons, where I'm training hard and continuing to improve my own performance, whilst of course always learning along the way!

After all, we learn by doing. ;)

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