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From Pain To Performance.

I help ambitious people around the world to go from Pain To Performance, while improving their movement & training habits long term.

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What is your injury costing you?
Start your Pain To Performance journey here.

Have the clarity and accountability that you need to get rid of your pain for good.

After all, your physical health directly affects your mind, your business and your quality of life.


Test, analyse and create a plan

to find the origin of your pain and to put a clear plan in place, with full accountability.


Improve movement & strength

and re-program your brain and body to move and feel amazing.


Move and feel better than ever

so that you can focus all your energy on your business and doing what you love.


Why my system works

  • Finds the TRUE causes of your pain/discomfort, NOT the symptom

  • Provides you with a step-by-step plan and full guidance throughout your journey

  • Keeps you accountable and on top of your game

  • Improves your mobility, so that you move healthily - as you're designed to

  • Makes you stronger and more confident to use and load your body

  • Gives you the trust and confidence that you need to do what YOU want

  • Educates you about how you can move and load your body better, so that YOU become self-sufficient for the long term.

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How I can help you

24-week pain to performance 1:1 Coaching

24 weeks of intensive 1:1 guidance to get you pain-free, moving better and fulfilling your potential.

THE premium package for those who want to be their best.

12-week pain to performance 1:1 coaching

12 weeks of intensive 1:1 guidance to get you pain-free, moving better and fulfilling your potential.

The most popular package to get my clients pain-free for good.


8 weeks of coaching, guidance and training to accelerate your progress and to get you back to where you need to be.

Online Programming & Accountability Coaching

Monthly online programming and accountability coaching for go-getters who want to move better, feel better and challenge their potential.

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Sarah Doll
Marketing Consultant

I started working with Jonny towards the end of my 2021 race season when I suffered from pain in my hip. From my very first appointment, I was impressed with the way he approached the problem by examining the entire movement apparatus to treat the actual source of the pain rather than the symptoms. He's a true expert in his field but has the ability to explain things clearly to his patients and devise an effective treatment through personalised exercises. Working with Jonny is truly empowering!


Tobias Jarmuzek
Software Engineer / American Football Player

Jonny helps you understand your body and movement much better and how to successfully get rid of any problems thanks to an individual training programme and also provides long-term relief.

He takes a lot of time for you and offers very professional support.

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Idan Shamir
Senior Analytics Engineer

Jonny helped me so much - first by mapping out and understanding my entire body, then creating the perfect environment for me to attack my knee problems! He is keen to collaborate, discuss progress and iterate which is priceless (rather than give you exercises and send you home to handle those alone). After 5 years of going in circles with knee problems, I found a new training routine and gained confidence again thanks to him!

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I'm Jonny Stahl, a Rehab & Strength Specialist for tech-based business professionals.

I completed a Master of Sport Science in 2019 and have over 10 years of experience in pro sport (with international level football players) and in the private sector, with high-achieving individuals from around the world.


I've learned from the best coaches and therapists in the world and have developed a system to help Businessmen and women worldwide, who are suffering with pain and injury, to re-gain control of their bodies.

I've created a 4-step, movement-based approach to becoming pain-free, helping you to truly focus all of your attention and energy on your business and what fulfils you the most in your life.

When you move better, you feel better.


And when you feel great, you can be your potential.

About Me

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